Renting a Motorbike Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Rent a Motorbike in Rawai Phuket?

Renting a motorbike is easy. Simply visit our showroom in Rawai Beach, drop us an email or give us a call and we will deliver your motorbike for rent anywhere in Rawai, Chalong, Ya Nui, Promtep Cape Saiyuan or Nai Harn on bookings of three days or more. We can also deliver your bike as far north as Kata on one week bookings. We have Thai and English speaking staff!

How long does it take for you to deliver a motorbike for rent if I call you?

During office hours 7am - 6.00pm we can deliver your motorbike or scooter within 30 minutes to your hotel or villa.

What do I need to rent a small motorbike?

To rent a motorbike up to 155cc, we require a 3000 baht deposit or equivalent in a foreign currency. We will also make a copy of your passport. Alternatively we can take your passport as deposit if you wish. All passports are locked away safe and secure and we give you a copy.

What do I need to rent a big motorbike?

To rent a big motorbike, we require a 10000 baht deposit or equivalent in a foreign currency. We will also securely hold your passport. Please ask our staff to make a copy of your passport photo and visa page for you. You must have a valid motorcycle license to rent a big motorcycle and carry it with you when riding. Ideally an International driving License. You will be fined by the police or worse at a police checkpoint if you do not have a valid license to drive a big motorbike in your possesion.

Do I have to wear a helmet in Thailand?

Yes you do have to wear a helmet in Thailand. the police will fine you up to 1000 baht if you are stopped without an helmet.

How old are your motorbikes?

All our motorbikes for rent up to 155cc were purchased new in and are meticulously maintained for your enjoyment and safety.

Do your motorbikes for rent include insurance?

Our motorbikes are covered by the compulsory government insurance.

Can I pre book a motorbike rental?

Yes you may reserve your motorbike or scooter for rent in advance. In the Phuket high season it can be difficult to find motorbikes for rent in the Rawai area due to the increased demand.

Do you supply motorbike helmets?

All our motorbikes and scooters for rent come with free helmet hire. We also have childrens motorbike helmets available. All our motorbike helmets are cleaned and inspected upon return.

When were your motorbikes and scooters last serviced?

All our motorbikes and scooters are serviced at the respective Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda dealers. We do not use anyone but the main dealers. Your safety is of paramount importance to us. You may ask to see the service book before renting. In addition all our motorbikes and scooters for rent under go our multi point check when they are returned, before being offered again for rent. Our multi point check includes:

  • All lights are working
  • Ignition and seat / fuel controls are functional
  • Horn is working
  • Braking system check / adjustment
  • Servicing due? 1000km, 4000km, 8000km etc
  • Full valet of the motorbike or scooter for rent
  • Gasoline full - Please return full
  • Motorbike helmets cleaned and inspected
  • Tyre pressures checked for your safety
  • Oil level and brake fluid levels

Do you give discounts on motorbikes / scooters for rent?

We are a thai registered company. You may rent from us with confidence. We can give discounts on group bookings / rentals. Please contact us for discounts on group booking of 2-6 motorbikes for rent or scooters for rent.

Do you motorbikes / scooters have gears?

All our motorbikes and scooters under 155cc are fully automatic. Just twist and go. The front brake is controlled by the right hand brake lever, the back brake is controlled by the left hand brake lever. Most have combi brake systems for your safety, so the braking is done evenly for you. Pull the front brake too hard and the combi brake system will also activate the back brake in the correct proportion and vice versa to prevent skidding.

Motorbikes over 250cc have a standard clutch / 6 speed gearbox configuration, gears one down five up, and are for the experienced rider only.

Do you only deliver your motorbikes and scooters for rent to Rawai Beach?

No, we also deliver our motorbikes and scooters to villas, hotels and guest houses in Chalong, Sai Yuan, Promtep Cape, Yanui and Nai Harn. We also collect after your rental period is over. Minimal rental period for free delivery is 3 days.

One rentals over 1 week, we will also deliver as far north as Kata and Karon.

What happens if I damage a motorbike?

The motorbike hirer is responsible for any damage to a motorbike in their possesion. Thai Government insurance does not cover accident repairs. Fortunately replacement parts and panels are very cheap for the bikes under 155cc. In the event of damage to a motorbike we will hold your deposit. The bike will imediately be taken to Yamaha, Honda or Kawasaki who will prepare the repair bill. We will then refund the difference, either in person or by paypal in the event you have left Phuket.

What is the level for dring driving?

Stiff penalties are being handed to drunk drivers, including motorbike riders, and you can expect less lenience from the police if you are caught driving drunk. Beware of police checkpoints at night. You could be looking at a hefty fine of 60,000 baht, a large bail bond, 6 months in prison, or both. For your information, the legal limit for blood alcohol content while driving in Thailand is 0.05. The safest option is not to drink any alcohol at all if you plan to drive your motorbike. Any amount of alcohol can affect your ability to drive, and there is no way to tell if you are within the legal limit.

Who is Enigma Phuket owned by?

Enigma Phuket is a legitamate Thai Registered Company. The share holders are Thai. The director is an English man.  All our Thai staff can speak English and Thai.

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